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Having a Location-Independent Income – Every Traveler’s Dream

Many people love to travel. Some like to take a few months to a year to travel the world out between finishing school and going to university. Others like to go away whenever they have holiday time away from their job. Anyone who has done this knows just how depressing it can feel going back to work after a great holiday abroad. For most people, even those who very much have the infamous travel bug, it does not even occur that the possibility of a location-independent income exists. Imagine for a moment being able to quit your day job and go away shortly after, only coming home when you want to. Imagine being free to travel and live abroad in any country in the world, even in a place where you would not be able to get a regular job due to language or bureaucratic barriers. It is all possible.

In spite of the opportunities out there, one still has to be realistic. This dream cannot come true overnight. You cannot simply expect to quit your day job within moments of earning the first cent online. In truth, it will take months or even years to build up an income to such a level that is high enough and reliable enough that you can go abroad without worrying about your financial situation.

The Internet provides a wealth of opportunity to those who want to work from home or work on the move. The amount of income that you need to live comfortably is a little more flexible as well. If you are planning to travel the world or live abroad, you will no doubt find many countries where the cost of living is cheaper than your own. Finding opportunities that can cover your costs and even allow you to save a little extra should not be too hard.

Internet freelancing is rapidly growing. For the most part, earning money online revolves around building web content. This can include web design, programming, SEO and much more. These are, however, specific skills that not everyone has. Not everyone has an interest in learning them either. For those who do not have any of these more complex skills, opportunities such as freelance writing, audio transcription and data entry are possibilities open to a huge section of people, especially those whose native language is English.

The best time to start looking for freelancing opportunities online is now. In the time off from your regular job, spend a few minutes per day searching through the opportunities on various freelancer websites such as Elance, Freelancer and Guru. Bidding on a few jobs every week, you are bound to find something sooner rather than later. With a little perseverance, you would be unlucky not to find your first job within a week.

In time, you will build up a reputation and discover new opportunities along the way. Clients will eventually come to you with proposals for work. Internet freelancing is a constant learning curve as well. After some time, you will build up your confidence and have the experience to expand your online ventures rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

You won’t get rich overnight by Internet freelancing, but you can start making an income almost immediately. It will be very modest at first, starting out as a small addition to the income provided by your regular job. As you find more clients, your income will increase and also become more reliable. Eventually, you will be able to confidently quit your day job and realize that you can continue earning regardless of where you are in the world. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection!

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