Are You Still A Freelance Wage-Slave?

Are You Still A Freelance Wage-Slave?


As a freelancer,

you are still trading time for money…

Essentially, you’ve bought yourself a job working for the worse boss ever!
What happens to your income if you take a week (or month, or year) off to travel?

You are doing it backwards…and so was I.
Seems like every ‘freelancer’ or self-employed CEO starts with their skill set and then they try to find clients and customers.
That’s patently a waste of precious time.
How many hours a month will you spend doing that?
You’ll wind up working 17 hours a day and never get to see the beauty outside your door.

Let’s try flipping that around.
How about doing the basic marketing task first…finding out who desperately wants our product or service and get in front of them.

  • A little googling, forum stalking, and chatting with our industry contacts is a start.
    Coming up with a way to distinguish ourselves from the competition can be tested with cheap online and offline ads.
    Close the deal through educating and relationship building.
    Then find quality help to actually do the work.
    Repeat, rapidly.

Now you have leverage – and income.

So what happens if you enjoy using your skills more than you like research, writing ads, or talking to prospects?
Partner up with folks you like, respect, and trust.
Folks who can do the stuff you’d rather avoid.
This is probably the ideal solution; nobody anxious, overworked or resentful.

Another way to think about this is to stop feeling like you have to be the Lone Ranger and start collaborating.

When you have more work than you care to do, raise your rates and start enjoying those spectacular sunsets!

p.s. find a community of like-minded folks at the Digital Nomad Academy