Advanced SEO: Tips For Rebranding Success

Advanced SEO: Tips For Rebranding Success


This information is specifically for Digital Nomads freelancing SEO or Marketing services:

Avoid the Nightmare of Rebranding and Leapfrog The Competition by Creating New Search Engine Opportunities.

OK, so you have to rebrand your products or services? Stuff Happens.
It’s not that uncommon in today’s fast-changing world and increasing market demands. Your business continues to evolve and grow as well. With that growth and change comes SEO challenges.
Turn challenges into opportunities by learning the basics of the rebranding process.

  • Name change
    Client impact
    SEO keywords and strategies
    Digital marketing
    Visual Communication (logos, images, packaging)

4 Key SEO Tips:

1. Opportunity:
You’ve a story to tell and something to shout about. Working in search and content marketing, we try to deliver work with the mantra of ‘seeing opportunity in everything.’ If a client has had bad press why not flip it and work it into a story, benefiting domain authority and brand exposure. If you have limited budget and competitive keywords, why not run a story that will cost very little; the simplest ideas can often have the biggest impact. There’s a pretty handy example of this PR stunt we pulled off that received international press.

Search marketing is becoming more and more focused around ‘storyselling’ and engaging content. We had a shiny new domain with an interesting TLD but we stuck with it. It will be interesting to see more businesses take up this approach in the future.

2. Clear and Concise:
Ensure that your message between both old and new domains is effective and consistent. From 301s to onsite content, ensure that the message is simple and importantly keyword optimized. You’d be amazed at how many businesses get this wrong!

3. Rethink Keywords:
Think about search users. With a rebrand, you are repositioning the business. We sought bigger clients who wanted to work on awesome digital projects. Lucrative keywords around searching for ‘digital agency’ rather than ‘web design’ are more likely to be the potential clients with bigger budgets. In fact, we’ve worked with some of our biggest clients since the rebrand in the past six months.

4. Existing Connections:
Obviously being in the digital industry gave us a bit head start. We’d created over 200 websites before Snapshot Media became Parallax so we had a great chance to experiment with anchor text and back-links in client footers. We revisited many of the older domains that had built up a strong domain authority and experimented with our keyword, which has significantly improved our rankings.
And make sure you call on any favors owed during this process!

Learn more from one SEO company’s rebranding process:

These insights are useful for anyone working in digital marketing.

Opportunities are always there – you just need to find them!