6 Location Independent Businesses You Can Start Today

6 Location Independent Businesses You Can Start Today

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While retirees and the independently wealthy have been leaving the country for more attractive locations for decades, it’s only recently that the option has been available for those of us who still have to work.

The reason for that? The Interwebs, of course.

High-speed connections and the ability to both send and receive money online means it’s easier than ever before to work remotely. In fact, millions of Americans work from home every day, so it stands to reason that you could work from another country as well.

While you could get a more traditional “job” and work from the road, it’s significantly easier if you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder. Rather than trying to find an online job or remote work assignment, then you’re probably better off to build a business.

Depending on your income needs, this might mean working just a few hours per week, or it might mean a bigger commitment.

Good thing these popular online businesses offer incredible flexibility in addition to great income potential:

  1. Virtual Assistant – VAs work in a lot of different areas and specialties. They build websites, edit audio and video files, write content, create graphics, keep appointment calendars, and just about anything else that can be done on a computer. Pay ranges from $10 to $75 per hour and up.
  2. Affiliate Marketer – Affiliate marketers make money by recommending products to others. When you makes a sale through a specially coded affiliate link, you earn a small commission. Income is based on the amount of effort you put into it, and can range from very little to multiple six figures.
  3. Information Product Creator – If you have a great deal of knowledge about a particular topic (or just like to research) and love to write and/or create videos and audios, creating info products might be for you. Product creators can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, but it generally takes time to build up to that level.
  4. Coach – Coaching is a hot business these days, and can easily be done remotely. Life coaches help their clients achieve more and have a happier life. Business coaches assist with business planning and development. Dating coaches help clients find lasting love. Coaches can earn up to $500 per hour, but be aware that some certification may be required.
  5. General Transcription – If you love to type (and are fast and accurate) you might enjoy transcription. Turning audio files into text can pay up to $85 per hour.
  6. Ghostwriting – Writing is an in-demand skill, and can certainly provide a good income no matter where you live. The best magazine writers can earn $2000 or more per article, but most online writers make significantly less than that.

Any of these businesses can be operated entirely online with nothing more than a laptop and maybe a headset. Face-to-face meetings can be handled with Skype, so your schedule will be totally flexible, and you can live anywhere you choose.