3 Essential Tech Tips for Digital Nomads

3 Essential Tech Tips for Digital Nomads


The nomadic road warrior can make money from anywhere. By being creative in your approach and considering the best ways to use 21st Century tools to capitalize on your specific skill sets, anybody can have a nomadic career, from the Internet entrepreneur who runs an affiliate marketing business to the content creator who writes eBooks or produces videos to the technologist who uses their skills to create solutions or offer services to others online.

But all of them have one thing in common: Access to the Internet.

While WiFi is certainly more common today than it has ever been in the past, we still have a long way to go to the promised universal Internet access.

Still, you can improve your chances of enjoying a highly profitable, productive nomadic career if you make sure you are somewhere with a cheap (preferably free), secure, reliable and uninterrupted Internet connection.

Do Advanced Research

Before you pull up stakes and move to your dream beach or to a beautiful, scenic area, do you due diligence by researching what sort of connectivity is available there. Do they have WiFi? How reliable is it? What does it cost?

These and other questions need to be answered before you go because your nomadic career depends on being able to connect with other people online.

In the US, the UK and Australia, you can pretty much be sure that most populated areas are going to give you the connectivity you need. In big cities in Europe, South America and portions of Asia, the same holds true. Everyplace else is up for grabs, so make sure you do your research. Visit chatrooms and use social media to make connections with people already in your intended destination.

Not only will they be able to answer your questions about Internet access, but they can become useful contacts and provide networking opportunities once you arrive there.

Use a free wifi database like http://www.wefi.com/maps/ to help plan your trips.

Long Battery Life Is Essential

In terms of what technology you should use, I would recommend something with a lot of memory and a lot of power. I mean, literal power, such as the longest possible battery life. While Internet access may be becoming more common, access to an electrical outlet is less dependable. So getting a device with the longest power capacity is essential.

In my experience, memory and power capacity are more important than bells and whistles such as screen sharpness, how many cameras a device has and all that other nonsense. It’s always nice to have the newest toy on the market, but in practical terms you need something that is reliable and durable, if you want actual toys to play you’ll need to get like a lego sets for adults or something. Plus, if you have the latest iPad or laptop, you just make a bigger target for thieves, anyway.

Protect Your A(cce)ss Device

Finally, invest in a durable protective sheathing. If you work mostly on your smart phone, get an Otter case or something similar with Gorilla glass that allows you to drop it from a height and not have to worry about our screen shattering. Buy a nice, padded bag for your laptop or tablet.

When you are a digital nomad, your livelihood depends on your ability to stay connected. So if your hardware is knocked offline, that’s worse than not having Internet access.